The Verbs Groups – Les Groupes de Verbes

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In French, the verbs are divided into 3 groups.

In English, we can recognize and infinitive thanks to the “to” preceding the verb.
As a reminder: the infinitive is the nonconjugated form of a verb. like: to eat, to learn, to play…
In French, we can recognize the infinitive thanks to the ending.

It is important to know what group a verb belongs to as it will change the way it is conjugated.
In French, the ending of the infinitive of the verb will also indicate the group it belongs to.

Let’s now have a look at the first group.

1st group : Termination : -ER

Manger = To eat

Parler = To speak

Regarder = To Look

Chanter = To sing

For the 2nd group, it is a little bit more complex.

A verb belongs to the second group if its termination is -IR and if when we conjugate it with “nous” (“we“) it finishes by -issons in the present tense.

2nd group : Termination : -IR.

Finir = To finish 

Grandir = To grow

Choisir = To choose

Saisir = To grab

Here is an example to determine if a verb finishing with -IR is from the second group or not.
Let’s take the verb finir.
When we conjugate it with nous (we) it gives us :
nous finissons.
Which means that finir is a 2nd group verb.

Let’s now take partir (to leave).
With nous (we) it gives us:
Nous partons.
We don’t have this -issons termination. Which means that this verb is not part of the second group but part of the third one.

So the conjugation of a verb indicates us which group it belongs to but to conjugate a verb, we need the group it belongs to. Tricky isn’t it?

Now for the 3rd group, it is all the other verbs.

The verbs of the 3rd group are all the exceptions. They will have particular ways to conjugate.

3rd Group : Termination : -OIR/OIRE -DRE -IR -TRE

Boire = To drink

Prendre = To take

Partir = To leave

Mettre = To put

Now you know all you need about the French verbs groups. We know the subject personal pronouns and the verb groups, let’s now have a look at how to conjugate them.

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