First Steps: Vocabulary – Premiers Pas: Vocabulaire

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In this first course, we mostly used the vocabulary of the animals, fruits, and vegetables.

In this lesson, you will find a reminder of the different words we used in this course and also new ones to add to your list.
You will also find an exercise to help you to memorise this vocabulary.

First, we talked about animals, here is a list of the most common.



L’animal – The animal

Le chien – The dog
Le chat – The cat
Le poisson – The fish
Le cochon – The pig
La vache – The cow
La chèvre – The goat
La poule – The chicken
Le canard – The duck

Les animaux – The animals

Les chiens – The dogs
Les chats – The cats
Les poissons – The fish
Les cochons – The pigs
Les vaches – The cows
Les chèvres – The goats
Les poules – The chickens
Les canards – The ducks

Let’s now move on our next list: the fruits.



Le fruit – The fruit

La pomme – The apple
La poire – The peer
L’orange – The orange
Le citron – The lemon
La fraise – The strawberry
La cerise – The cherry
La banane – The banana
La pêche – The peach
L’ananas – The pineapple
La noix de coco – The coconut

Les fruits – The fruits

Les pommes – The apples
Les poires – The pears
Les oranges – The oranges
Les citrons – The lemons
Les fraises – The strawberries
Les cerises – The cherries
Les bananes – The bananas
Les pêches – The peaches
Les ananas – The pineapples
Les noix de coco – The coconuts

The last part of this lesson is the vegetable:



Le légume – The vegetable

La tomate – The tomato
La pomme de terre – The potato
Le choux – The cabbage 
L’oignon – The onion
La courgette – The zucchini
Le haricot – The green bean
Le concombre – The cucumber
Le poivron – The pepper

Les légumes – The vegetables

Les tomates – The tomatoes
Les pommes de terre – The potatoes
Les choux – The cabbages 
Les oignons – The onions
Les courgettes – The Zucchinis
Les haricots – The green beans
Les concombres – The cucumbers
Les poivrons – The peppers

You can now try the exercise to improve vocabulary.

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Lesson tags: beginner, vocabulary
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