French Beginners Course Step 2 – Débutant: Etape 2

Featured image course - French Beginners Course step 2

In this course, French beginners course step 2, you will learn more information about the adjectives and matching them with their noun. We will also learn about our second future tense: the simple future. In these lessons, we will mostly use the vocabulary of the family.


Featured image - French Adjectives rules

French Adjectives Rules: Matching with the Noun – L’Accord Nom/Adjectif

Here, you will learn how to match the gender and the number of the adjective and the noun

Featured Image - French Irregular Adjectives

The Matching of the Adjective and the Noun : Exceptions

In this lesson, we will learn about the exceptions when we match the adjective and the noun.

Featured Image - French future tense

The Simple Future – Le Futur Simple

You want to talk in the future? This lesson is for you.

Featured Image - The French possessive adjective

The French Possessive Adjective – L’adjectif Possessif

In this lesson, we will learn more about the possessive adjective.

Featured image - Vocabulary - the family

Beginner Step 2: Family Vocabulary in French – Débutant Etape 2: Vocabulaire de la Famille

Let’s summarize the vocabulary of the family that we learned through the exercises of the course.

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