French Beginners Course – Débutant

Featured image - French Beginners Course

In this French beginners course, you will learn how to conjugate to have and to be in the present. You will also learn your first future tense and how to build a negative sentence. We will then talk about the first prepositions that you will need, by using the vocabulary of the house, the days and the months.


Featured Image - To have and to be in present

To Have and to Be in Present – Être et Avoir au Présent

To have and To be in present. Discover how to conjugate the French auxiliaries in present.

Featured Image - The negative sentence

The Negative Sentence – La Phrase Négative

Follow this lesson and start building your first negative sentences.

Featured Image - The close future

The Close Future – Le Futur Proche

In this lesson, we will learn about our first future tense: le futur proche (the close future)

Featured Image - the prepositions

The Prepositions 1 – Les Prépositions 1

In this lesson, we will learn about the French prepositions.

Featured Image - Vocabulary - days, months and the house

Beginner: Vocabulary – Débutant: Vocabulaire

Learn the months, the days and some vocabulary of the house.

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