featured image - Joys of Travelling

5 Funny Language Experiences: Joys of Travelling

Today I will share with you some of my own personal language experiences. Often funny, sometimes stressful, here is a compilation of why I wish I could speak every language, these are the joys of trav...Read More

9 Funny French Idioms We Love to Use

Like every language, French has what we call idioms. Today I’ll introduce to you 9 common French idioms, what the literal translation is, and what it really means. An idiom is a phrase or an expressio...Read More

How I Learned a New Language

We have already talked about how to learn a language on your own earlier in a previous post, but today I will share with you how I became fluent in English, right from the very beginning up until toda...Read More

Quebec French - blog post -cover image

French from France vs Quebec French

As you may know, Quebec is a French-speaking province of Canada. In today’s post, we will look at how French from France and Quebec French are different.  First, let’s take a look back thr...Read More

Image blog post - Learn French with Movies

So, you Want to Talk about Wine in French?

When I say the word France, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?   Wine of course! And if not, it should be cheese then. Excellent because that’s exactly what we are going ...Read More

6 Stereotypes about French People and the Truth about it

When we talk about French people, many stereotypes come to mind for me, I am sure you also have some. Today we will talk about 6 common stereotypes about French people and I will give you my opinion a...Read More

French With Flo - image Learn French by yourself

How to Learn French by yourself

How to Learn French by yourself! Hi there, today we will try to see what are the best ways to learn French by yourself. You can ask any language learner, they all have their own tips, resources or way...Read More

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