Learn French with Movies: 6 French Movies you Should Watch

You want to improve your French but you’re bored of podcast and lessons? Try to learn French with movies! Here are 6 great French movies to learn French.

Watching a French movie with French subtitles can be an amazing tool to help your learning. But what movie to choose? Learning French, Yes, but watching a boring movie, No! Here is my selection of movies if you want to learn French with movies.

Image - Great French movies to learn French - IntouchableGreat French movies to learn French n°1: Intouchable

Intouchable :

Film director: Olivier Nakache

Released in 2011

Actors: Omar Sy, François Cluzet.

Intouchable talks about the relationship between 2 characters that have nothing in common. Phillipe is handicapped and cannot move without a wheelchair. Driss comes from the Parisian suburbs and just got out of jail. Against the advice of his friends and family, Phillipe decides to hire Driss…

It is a great way to see 2 very different ways to speak French, in one hand we have Driss, using young slang language, on the other hand, we have Phillip, using a very rich and aristocratic language.

Image - Great French movies to learn French - le dîner de consGreat French movies to learn French n°2: Le dîner de cons

Le dîner de cons:

Film director: Francis Weber

Released in 1998

Actors: Jacques Villeret and Thierry Lermitte

Pierre is a famous Parisian publisher, every Wednesday he organizes a special dinner with his friends. They call it: “a plonker diner”. Each invited person brings a “plonker” of his choice, inexhaustible on a specific subject. Then, the organizers make fun of the “idiots” all evening without them realizing it. At the end of the meal, they choose their champion…

This movie is very funny and a good way to hear some unusual accents.

Image - Great French movies to learn French - Les choristesGreat French movies to learn French n°3: Les choristes

Les Choristes

Film director: Christophe Barratier

Released in 2004

Actors: Gérard Jugnot, François Berléant, Kad Mérad

Do you want something more musical? Les Choristes is perfect for you.

In January 1949 Clément Mathieu becomes the general supervisor of a re-education center for minors called “fond de l’étang” (bottom of the pound). The rules are very strict but do not work very well with these unruly students. Mister Martin will try a different approach by creating a chorale.

Clear language, slow path and choral music in this movie. All you need if you want to hear some French and are a music lover.

Image - Great French movies to learn French - Kirikou et la sorcièreGreat French movies to learn French n°4: Kirikou

Kirikou et la sorcière (Flo’s recommendation for beginners)

Film director: Michel Ocelot

Released in 1998

You like cartoons, you like Africa and tales? Kirikou is for you!

The village of Kirikou, a young African boy, is cursed by a powerful witch: Karaba. The water source is dry and all the men have disappeared. Kirikou decides that he wants to know why Karaba the witch is so mean…

It is a cartoon, the language is not hard, and the story is very pleasant to follow. In addition, the graphics style makes this movie a must-see for every French learner.

Image - Great French movies to learn French - La HaineGreat French movies to learn French n°5: La Haine

La Haine

Film director: Mathieu Kassovitz

Released year: 1995

Actors: Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé, Saïd Taghmaoui

In a different style and for a different audience: La Haine. Filmed in black and white and is not any less interesting, especially for the more advanced French learner.

During a night of riot in the Parisian suburbs, consecutive to the murder attempt of a young suburbian by a police officer, a policeman loses his gun. Vinz finds it and that’s how our story starts.
3 friends, 3 origins and 3 different opinions. What will they do with the gun? Give it back? use it? That’s the question.

Set in 1995, the subject is still in the news. Identity, police violence, suburban lifestyle…

The language used in this movie is heavy in slang and very typical of the Parisian suburb. An interesting way to see how fascinating languages are.

Image - Great French movies to learn French - Amélie PoulainGreat French movies to learn French n°6: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

Film director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Released year: 2001

Actors: Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz.

Amelie works in a typical café in Montmartre in Paris.
The day Lady Diana dies, and after a combination of circumstances, Amelie finds a box full of photographs. These photographs belong to the man who left in her apartment 40 years before her. Amelie decides to find this man.

This movie will show you an interesting point of view about the Parisian lifestyle. It is also a beautiful adventure full of interesting characters.

The language used is not hard and would be perfect for intermediate French learners.

This was my selection of French movies to learn French, There are many more French movies, for every movie taste and for every level.
Are you a language learner? Share with us your first movie in a foreign language or the movies you recommend!

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