How to Learn French by yourself

How to Learn French by yourself!

Hi there, today we will try to see what are the best ways to learn French by yourself.
You can ask any language learner, they all have their own tips, resources or ways to learn a language. I don’t think that one way is better than another, I believe that you should find a way that matches your needs, and fits in with the way you learn best. 

In this post, I will share with you my ways.


The first point is usually what everyone will tell you.

Set yourself goals.


Image - Learn French by yourself -Set yourself goals

Set yourself goals

But what if you are a beginner and you don’t know what your goal should be? Why not start by thinking about “introducing myself and my family” or “talking about my hobbies”. These can be great starting goals.
Of course, you can also choose some different and more scholarly goals like: “understanding the present conjugation” or “being able to use adjectives in a sentence”.
Having a goal will keep you motivated and in my opinion, there is no better feeling than achieving a goal you set for yourself.


Our second point is related to our first one. As you set an objective for your learning, you should also make sure that :

what you’re about to learn will be useful.


image - Learn French by yourself - learn useful thingsFor the example, “introducing yourself”, there is no doubt it will be useful. But let’s say you don’t like sport. Sport shouldn’t be on your list of the things you want to learn! At some point, you will probably need it but it shouldn’t be part of your beginning program – there’s no point trying to focus on something that doesn’t interest you.




My third advice is to train yourself.


image - Learn French by yourself - train yourselfIt is not a big job doing it, just use your everyday life to revisit the things you’ve learned. Did you learn how to say the date or the time? Then tonight when you set your alarm, try to think about what time you will set it in French. The more you think about French, the more natural it will become for you.
I recommend listening to French as much as possible. When I started learning English on my own, I was listening to Australian radio every day. It can feel frustrating because radio is usually very fast, but you will surely pick some words. The more you will listen to it, the more it will feel like it slows down. If the radio is not your thing, another thing I was doing was watching kids cartoon. Yes, kids cartoons. The language is usually very basic and the pace is also quite slow. In addition to that, some cartoons are quite interesting and fun to watch. Don’t forget that nowadays, it is easy to find the subtitles for any TV show, so don’t hesitate to activate them to help you break down the sentence!
If you are not fond of radio or TV then try kids books instead! they are made to learn how to speak, so they will be a perfect match for your needs.


Our next point asks for a little bit more research and commitment.

It is very easy to find a language partner online.


image - Learn French by yourself - Find an online language partnerThere are many websites that will pair you up with another language learner keen to share their knowledge in exchange for yours. This method can be a big help,  It could also bring you much more than just language knowledge.





And my last piece of advice is to stay motivated!


image - Learn French on Your Own - stay motivatedLearning a new language is a long and hard process. But the reward is worth the effort. Don’t try to do too much and be aware that it won’t come without effort. If you understand that, then you can choose your pace and work patiently. Believe in yourself and in a matter of time you will be able to communicate in the language of your choice!




This was my tips to learn French by yourself, and you what are your tips to learn a new language on your own?

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  1. Hey Florent Catreavaux, this is a great blog you have shared here. Most students who wish to check international career options learn French as it is the easiest foreign language to learn. You have shared some amazing tips to help students learn this language even better. Keep sharing such posts.

  2. Thanks Nikita !


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