Why you Should Learn French

On this blog, we talk a lot about French people, French culture and of course French language. But maybe you wonder: why should I learn French? There are so many languages I could learn, why would I choose this one?

Here are 6 reasons why you should learn French.


  1. La langue de l’amour (the language of love)

Why you Should Learn French - Image - the language of loveThe first thing we can say about the French language is that is really nice to hear. As a French native I don’t really realize this characteristic of my own language, but very often I hear my students saying “oh! this sentence sounds beautiful”. The French Language is also very descriptive, you have many ways to talk about your emotions. It is probably one of the languages that allow you to describe the best how you’re feeling. In addition to that, everyone knows words like “Amour” ou “Je t’aime”, they are international romantic words.


  1. French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese… Same root.

Why you Should Learn French - Image - Same latine rootAs you may know, French is a Latin language, which means that by learning it, you will also learn some basics of all Latin languages. In my own experience, I have never spoken or learned Spanish in the past, but I’ve been living in Spanish speaking countries for almost 1 year. Straight from the beginning, I was able to understand a good chunk of what people were saying to me thanks to the common language root. Learning French will not only be learning one language, but It also will provide an introduction to all Latin languages.


  1. Found across the world.

Why you Should Learn French - Image - Found across the worldNot matter on which of the 5 continents you go, you will always find a French-speaking country (or a country that used to speak French).  You dream about the coral barrier or translucent ocean? Tahiti and New Caledonia will welcome you. You want to road trip around Europe? Have a stop in Suisse, Belgium or Luxembourg. You want a change of scenery? You will find your way in many African countries too, thanks to the French language.

North America has Québec, The French speaking province of Canada, and South America has French with Guyana you could also consider. And last but not least, parts of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam still have a French heritage and you will be able to speak it, especially with the older generation.

Like I told you: all around the world.


  1. Because it’s not that hard.

Why you Should Learn French - Image - Because it is not that hardLet’s be honest. It is not the easiest language to learn. But it is also not as hard as you might think. Yes, there are some things that are a little bit confusing like our numbers after 69, the pronunciation, or even the prepositions. But instead of saying that the French language is hard, I would rather say that it is precise. What do I mean? Well, most of the time you will have many ways to say something and the variations in the language will allow you to describe perfectly what you want to describe.



  1. What about a career choice?

Why you Should Learn French - Image - What about your career?Learning a new language is always a great addition to your resume, it can provide a great career boost. Don’t forget that France is the 5th world commercial power. It is also one of the official languages of big worldwide organizations like the UN, UNESCO, NATO, the European Union, the International Olympic Committee…



  1. Explore the rich culture

Why you Should Learn French - Image - Rich cultureIf you are a student why not considering a semester in France to discover its culture and way of life. The culture is nothing short of impressive. Perhaps you’ll feel compelled to  start learning the language of Moliere, Or perhaps study the famous writers: Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas. The artists: Monet, Gaugin, Renoir. The music: Edith Piaf and her “vie en rose” especially.
Our history is also one of the richest in the world, Napoleon, Charlemagne or Louis XVI. Learning about their incredible lives in their languages could be a great challenge if you are fascinated by history.


  1. Food and Wine

Why you Should Learn French - Image - Food and wineYou might also find yourself wanting to talk about French specialties like its wine, gastronomy or cheese. And what’s better than being able to read the label of a great bottle of wine? Or following a recipe in French in order to make your favorite dish?



Well I am sure you can find some other reasons to learn French and everyone has their own one, why don’t you share it with us?

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  1. Florence Catreavaux, thank you for sharing your views on the different reasons to learn French. This is indeed the easiest foreign language to grasp and there are some definite benefits in learning French. People with language love are sure to try their bit to grasp French. I am also impressed by the images you have shared with each subtitle.

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